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Hi! Our theater would really love to do Mean Girls as our spring production next year, but of course, I know that y’all can’t determine when rights will be available to amateur theaters right now. I was wondering if there is even any chance that Mean Girls will be available for licensing by the spring for youth/community theaters, or if it will most likely only be available for professional licensing once it is released. Also, if there is a chance it would be available to youth groups/community theaters, is there any way we could license our second choice and then “switch” to Mean Girls if the rights were to become available in time? That might be a stupid question, but i at least wanted to ask. Thank you so much in advance!

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July 5, 2022

Hi Jackson! Apologies for the late response. We cannot guarantee a timeline of release for most of our shows. So much is subject to change. 

Regarding "switching" to a different show: if you change your mind on a show after licensing, you may ask your licensing representative to transfer funds paid to the new license if no materials have been provided yet. Please note that if you purchased RehearScore or another digital resource that was provided right away, and you have had it for more than a week or two, you will still be charged for those resources.