rehearsal track key differences from score

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July 18, 2019
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We have noted two places where the key of the rehearsal tracks varies from the score.

1) At the beginning of Knowing Me, Knowing You the introductory measures are recorded one fifth lower (in D) than written and than the rest of the song (in A).

2) The song The Winner Takes it All is written in F and recorded in F#. 

My question is: will these same variances be present on the performance tracks? And if so, are there any other variances between the rehearsal tracks and the performance tracks? Thank you. 

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July 19, 2019

Thank you for your question! Our rehearsal/materials expert Nathanael has an answer that solve your issue.

When we initially released PAR (Performance Accompaniment Tracks) for MAMMA MIA, there were a few discrepencies in the materials, including the ones you refered to. We were able to quickly change those and correct the keys. However, history has shown us that an automatic push / update could put people in a panic who’ve rehearsed with the previous ones, so we did not do a mass update for the older tracks to be automatically replaced.  

If you have booked tracks before and want to update, simply reach out to and ask for the corrected keys! The update will happen within minutes. 

Thank you for your patience with all these materials.