BIG the Musical - Music for the Touring version

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December 22, 2011
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Hi All, Was wondering if anyone can help me here, We are an amature society about to put on a production of BIG, however we are having trouble finding music at matches the actual score. We badly need it so the cheorographer can start working and we have something to rehearse with that is right. Can anyone point me in the right driection?Thanks in advanceJames
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December 23, 2011
Hey there James! Where are you noticing the discrepancies? Have you metioned them to your licensing representative?

December 23, 2011
Hey, I should make sure I'm explaining myself correctly here. From my understanding the version of BIG that is licenced out is the 1998 Touring version. Any recordings I can find from amazon, online, youtube, etc are recording of the Broadway show. The Broadway version of the show is very different from the touring version. Usually when we start dance rehearsals the choergrapher would have a copy of the muci she purchased so she can use it at rehearsals etc. Its for this reason I am looking for the music. Thanks again James