Full Synopsis

Full Synopsis

Act One

On a street in Dublin, Guy, a musician, sings a song he wrote ("Leave"). As he puts his guitar on the ground and is about to leave it, Girl, a Czech woman, approaches and asks him if he wrote that song and why he is leaving his guitar behind. Guy explains he doesn't want it anymore and that he works for his dad's vacuum cleaner repair shop. Girl excitedly tells him that her vacuum needs repairing and that she can repay him in music. She takes Guy to a shop owned by Billy, who lets Girl play the piano there. She implores Guy to play another song of his. Guy refuses and begins leaves, but sheet music falls from his bag. Guy tells her to keep the sheet music and again turns to leave, just she begins to play his music on the piano. He stops. He gets out his guitar and they sing his song together ("Falling Slowly"). Girl asks Guy who the song is about, but Guy evades her questions.

At the vacuum repair shop, Girl talks to Da, Guy's father. After Guy fixes her vacuum, he offers to show her his room. In his room, guy plays her a recording of one of his songs ("The Moon"). In the recording, Guy and his Ex-Girlfriend are talking about the song. Guy explains to Girl that she left six months ago for New York and has met someone there. Girl tells him that he should go to New York to win her back and asks him to make a CD of his songs. Guy tries to kiss her, and she stops him.

The next day, Guy comes by Billy's shop and apologizes to Girl for his behavior. He walks her home and hands her a CD. Girl invites him to her apartment, where he meets her roommates Andrej, Svec, and Reza and mother Baruska. A little girl enters, and Girl introduces her, Ivonka, as her daughter ("Ej Padá, Padá Rosička").

Later, Girl listens to Guy's CD and asks him why there are no lyrics. Guy invites her to add her own. When he asks about Ivonka's father, Girl elusively replies that they are having difficulties and he is not around. They thank each other and agree to meet again. After he leaves, Baruska implies that there is something between Girl and Guy, but Girl insists they are just friends. Alone, she plays Guy's CD and sings her own words along with his music ("If You Want Me").

Another day, Guy plays a song he's made up about the sad state of his life ("Broken Hearted Hoover Fixer Sucker Guy") when Girl enters. She proposes that they record his songs to submit to a record company and hopefully win his Ex-Girlfriend back. Somewhat reluctant and skeptical, Guy agrees.

First, they must go to the bank for a loan to pay for recording in a studio. Before they head to the bank, Baruska tells Girl and Guy (and the audience) a cautionary tale of a man who almost chased his dreams but never did out of fear. Because he does not understand Czech, Guy does not know what she is saying. At the bank, the Bank Manager is sympathetic to Girl's impassioned case for their loan but tells them he needs assurance that they will be able to pay back the loan. Guy sings one of his songs ("Say It to Me Now"), profoundly moving the Bank Manager. It turns out he has a guitar of his own. He performs a song of his own for Guy and Girl ("Abandoned in Bandon"). When he asks for their honest feedback, they tell he can play well but can't sing or write songs. Nevertheless, the Bank Manager grants them a loan.

At a pub's open mic, Guy and Girl are watching her friends perform. When the host announces the next performer as "The Hooverman", Girl tells Guy that it's him. Nervous, Guy performs a love song ("Gold"). Guy and Girl look at each other during the song, in love with each other.

Act Two

At a rehearsal in Billy's shop, tensions are running high - especially between Billy and the Bank Manager, who are both in Guy and Girl's band. Rehearsal becomes complete chaos, and Billy kicks them out of his shop. At a pub, Guy begs Billy to give the band another chance. Girl asks Reza to seduce and charm Billy as a favor. In return, Reza tells Girl to be honest about her feelings for Guy and to tell him how she feels. Reza and Billy hit it off and dance.

Guy and Girl take a small trip to Howth Head to be by the sea. Guy reminisces about his childhood memories of this place. A romantic moment almost happens, but Girl clarifies that she is still married to Ivonka's father. Guy asks her in Czech if she still loves him. Girl replies in Czech that she loves Guy, but he doesn't know what she's saying. As she leaves and the scene changes, Guy sings ("Sleeping").

At the studio, Guy, Girl and the band record their first song ("When Your Mind's Made Up"). While everyone else takes a break after that song, Girl plays a song alone ("The Hill") that reveals her feelings about Guy, who walks in on her singing. After she finishes, she tells Guy that her husband is coming to Dublin to try to work things out. Guy accuses her of pushing him away, and Girl retorts that he still has something with his ex in New York. He reveals that he no longer sings his songs for his former love - his sings for them. Girl stops him and tells him "It Cannot Be About That". Guy leaves ("Gold (A Cappella)").

Another day, Bank Manager and Billy have made amends and found common ground with each other. Girl approaches Guy and asks him if he will call Ex-Girlfriend that night. Guy says he will and asks her to come by later. Girl hesitantly agrees. At his father's shop, Guy plays his record for Da, who is very proud of his son. Guy finally calls Ex-Girlfriend. She confesses she misses him. When he tells her that he's coming to New York, she is overjoyed - and so is he. Girl does not show up.

At her apartment, Billy, Andrej, Svec, and Reza surprise Girl with a piano. She sits at the piano. Although they are in separate places, Guy and Girl play together ("Falling Slowly (Reprise)").