Full Synopsis

Full Synopsis

The Wonderland Ensemble appears, bringing a whimsical world to life around the curious, imaginative Alice (“Opening: Alice’s Theme”). Alice’s older sister Mathilda and her Friends barge in, shattering the world of Wonderland and mocking Alice for living in a childish, make-believe world. After they go, Alice dreams of a place of wonder and adventure where she can be her truest self (“In a World of My Own”).

As Alice falls asleep, the world of Wonderland comes to life around her and Cheshire Cats 1-3 appear to guide Alice on her journey. At the beckoning of the Cheshire Cat, the White Rabbit rushes by, lamenting that he is behind schedule (“I’m Late”). Alice follows him to the edge of his rabbit hole and jumps in as the inhabitants of Wonderland fall past her, offering advice (“Very Good Advice”).

Alice lands in front of a very small door. The Doorknob suggests that Alice eat and drink magical items to change her size. During her growing and shrinking, she cries an ocean of tears and is able to swim through the door’s keyhole into Wonderland. A boat rows past carrying a Dodo Bird and a bunch of Wonderland creatures (“Ocean of Tears / Smallification 2”). Once they all wash ashore, the Dodo Bird initiates a race so that everyone can dry off (“The Caucus Race”).

The White Rabbit runs by again (“I’m Late – Reprise”), and Alice tries to follow him but runs into Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum. The Tweedles explain how to properly greet someone (“How D’Ye Do and Shake Hands”) but end up confusing everyone in the process.

Alice sneaks away to find the White Rabbit at his home, and, after eating a magical cookie, she grows so large she ends up wearing his house as a dress. After shrinking in size once more, Alice comes upon Rose, Lily, Petunia, Daisy, and Violet, the Flowers of the Golden Afternoon. Alice longs to join their club, but the Flowers cruelly turn her away (“The Golden Afternoon”). An energetic Caterpillar comes upon a very sad Alice and encourages her to continue her quest despite all the unknowns ahead (“Adventure Is a Wonderful Thing”).

Afterwards, Alice finally comes face to face with the magical Cheshire Cat, who sends her off to a tea party. When Alice arrives, the Mad Hatter, March Hare, and Party Guests are celebrating their unbirthdays (“The Unbirthday Song”). The White Rabbit runs by, still late (“I’m Late – Reprise 2”), and the Mad Hatter and March Hare try to fix his watch with disastrous results.

Alice follows the White Rabbit into the Royal Rose Garden and runs into a strange sight: the Royal Cards are painting the roses red (“Painting the Roses Red”). The Queen of Hearts and King of Hearts appear, and the Queen chastises the Royal Cards (“Painting the Roses Red – Reprise”). When the Queen of Hearts notices Alice, she challenges her to a game of Simon Says (“Simon Says – Parts 1 & 2”).

Alice, much to everyone’s surprise, beats the Queen at her own game. The King proposes a trial for Alice as an alternative to an immediate beheading. Witnesses condemn Alice, including the Mad Hatter and March Hare, who make sure to wish the Queen a happy unbirthday (“The Unbirthday Song – Reprise”).

At the last minute, the Caterpillar appears, asking Alice to dig deep and think hard about who she really is. Alice, pondering the question, finally realizes that just being herself is more than enough. Suddenly, Wonderland disappears and Alice is back at home, waking from a nap. As Alice excitedly relays her moment of self-discovery to Mathilda, she discovers the White Rabbit’s watch in her pocket. Alice, Mathilda, and the Wonderland Ensemble rejoice in the freedom to be their true selves, in a fantastical Wonderland of their own making (“Finale”).