Full Synopsis

Full Synopsis

A Lamp Vendor appears in a marketplace conjured by Djinn, theatrical "spirits of the lamp." A group of Agrabahns help him introduce the city of Agrabah ("Arabian Nights – Part 1") and the story of a dusty old lamp that changed a young man's life:

Jasmine, Princess of Agrabah, argues with the Sultan over the ancient law requiring that she marry a prince immediately. Jafar, the scheming Royal Vizier, and Iago, his parrot sidekick, welcome Prince Abdullah, Prince Hassim, and Prince Malik, who are interested in Jasmine's hand in marriage. Jasmine sends them away, and Jafar reminds her that if she doesn't choose a husband, she will have to marry him.

Jafar, eager to claim the throne, goes to the Cave of Wonders to seek the magic lamp ("Arabian Nights – Part 2"). But the Cave Guardian denies him; only Aladdin, the Diamond in the Rough, may enter.

Meanwhile, in the marketplace, Aladdin weaves through vendors, Beggars, and other citizens of Agrabah trying to avoid getting caught for stealing a loaf of bread ("One Jump Ahead"). He bumps into Jasmine in disguise, who has run away from the palace. They are both caught by the Guards ("One Jump Ahead – Reprise"), and Aladdin is thrown into a Skeleton-filled dungeon ("Dungeon Ditty").

Jafar tricks Aladdin into entering the cave to retrieve the lamp, but Aladdin gets trapped inside. When he rubs the lamp, a magical Genie appears with his magic carpet, Avis ("Friend Like Me"). Genie explains that Aladdin can make three wishes. For his first two, Aladdin wishes to get out of the cave and to become a prince so he can see Jasmine again.

Aladdin — as Prince Ali — and his entourage make a grand entrance at the palace ("Prince Ali"). Jasmine remains unimpressed, so Aladdin decides to be himself and speak from the heart while taking her on a magic carpet ride ("A Whole New World").

However, Jafar and Iago deviously steal the magic lamp and Jafar becomes Genie's new boss. With his first two wishes, he becomes Sultan of Agrabah and a powerful sorcerer. Jafar also reveals that Prince Ali has merely been Aladdin in disguise ("Prince Ali – Reprise 1") and orders his arrest ("Prince Ali – Reprise 2"). Before getting captured, Aladdin tricks Jafar into wishing to become a genie. In a flash, Jafar ends up trapped inside his own magic lamp ("Jafar's Demise").

For his final wish, Aladdin frees Genie. Jasmine remains hopeful that she and Aladdin can change the world together; the Sultan then alters the law so that she can marry whomever she wants and so that she herself will one day she will become ruler of Agrabah! All rejoice ("Finale & Bows")!