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Cast Size: Flexible Cast Size
Cast Type: Ensemble Cast

Character Breakdown

A Note on Casting and Cast Size

MTI's Broadway Junior Revue: Raise Your Voice offers great flexibility with its cast size. You may produce the show with a large ensemble or double cast performers as you see fit. Below you will see the cast broken down by each show number with the parts listed and principal vocal ranges included.

"Right Before Your Eyes"

Lahdahlord: B3 – Gb5
James: B2 – Eb5
Spiker: B3 – Eb5
Sponge: B3 – Eb5
Earthworm: D4 – Eb5
Spider: C4 – Eb5
Centipede: C4 – Eb5
Ensemble includes the other insects, Ladybug, and Grasshopper

"The Spark of Creation"

Eve: Gb3 – D5
Ensemble includes Storytellers


Hodel: Bb3 – B4
Chava: Bb3 – Bb4
Tzeitel: Bb3 – B4

"So Much Better"

Elle: Gb3 – Eb5
Ensemble includes Emmett, Students


Cinderella’s Prince: B3 – D5
Rapunzel’s Prince: B3 – D5

"We're All in This Together"

Chad: B3 – G4
Kelsi: E4 – A4
Zeke: C#4 – G#4
Taylor: B3 – A4
Martha Cox: E4 – B4
Ensemble includes Jocks, Brainiacs

"Consider Yourself"

Dodger: A3 – Eb5
Oliver: A3 – Eb5
Captain: B3 – Eb5
Handwalker: B3 – Eb5
Charlie Bates: C4 – Eb5
Nipper: A3 – Eb5
Ensemble includes Fagin’s Gang

"Part of Your World"

Ariel: D4 – D5

“Sit Down You’re Rockin’ the Boat”

Nicely-Nicely: C4 – D5 (opt. G5)
Ensemble includes Gamblers, Mission Band Members

"Good Morning"

Cosmo: Db4 – D5
Don: Db4 – D5
Kathy: C4 – D5

“These Palace Walls”

Rajah: C#4 – C5
Manal: B3 – Eb5
Jasmine: Ab3 – E5
Isir: C#4 – C5

“Step In Time”

Sweep 1: C#4 – G#4
Sweep 2: E4 – B4
Sweep 3: F#4 – C#5
Sweep 4: A4 – E5
Mary Poppins: E4 – C5
Bert: C4 – Db5
Ensemble includes additional Sweeps

“Raise Your Voice”

Deloris: A3 – E5
Mary Robert: A3 – C5
Mary Patrick: D4 – E5
Mary Theresa: A3 – C5
Mary Celeste: A3 – D5
Mary Irene: A3 – D5
Mary Stephen: A3 – E5
Mary Lazarus: A3 – Bb4
Ensemble includes additional Nuns

“Beautiful City”

Soloist: Bb3 – C5

“A Part of Us / Why We Tell The Story”

Mama: E4 – B4
Little Ti Moune: E4 – B5
Tonton: E4 – C#5
Ti Moune: E4 – C#5
Daniel: E4 – E5
Andrea: B4 – C#5
Storytellers 1 – 4

Ensemble includes additional Storytellers