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Cast Size: Large (21 or more performers)
Cast Type: Children
Dance Requirements: Standard

Character Breakdown

Hans Christian Andersen

Also plays the Narrator in the Mermaid Ballet

Gender: male

A young apprentice

Gender: male
Age: 12 to 13
Madam Doro
Gender: female
Gender: male
Gender: male
Children Ensemble

Roles include Ingrid, Laura, Karl, Finn, Gudrun, George, Arne, Karen, Anna, Newsboys, Match Girl, Elsa, Chimneysweep, Ludwig, Lars

Gender: any

Roles include Schoolmaster, Burgomaster, Mr. Olsen, Dr. Foss, Prof. Pfeiffer, Villagers, Truls, Fishmonger, Meat Vendor, Milkman (Heinrich), Mrs. Arboe, Vegetable Vendor (Gustave), Celine, Policeman, Rik, Mrs. Olsen, Mrs. Holm, Mrs. Hofgaard, Editor Holm, Other Townspeople, Sea Witch, Dowager Queen of the Sea, Prince, Foreign Princess, Dancers

Gender: any