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38 Years. 130 Shows. 10,000 SQ FT.
Our Gang Players, Inc has collected 38 years worth of sets, props and costumes .Members of the board of directors spent the past year organizing and cataloging the inventory in our 10,000 sq ft. warehouse in Tuckerton, NJ. As of January 1st 2016, Our Gang Players, Inc. proudly announces the launch of its new, full-time rental business and website!

We have sets, props, and costumes for over 30 Shows! Along with hundres of women's dresses for each decade, sleepware, big gowns, and anything you'll need for men!

Visit our website!: ourgangrentals.org

Visit our Facebook Page!: www.facebook.com/ourgangplayersrentals

Email us at: rentals@ourgangrentals.org