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  • Matilda Costume Rentals

Broadway Costumes rents costume sets from Chicago, IL all over the USA for theatrical productions, catering to a diverse clientele, ranging from high schools, colleges, and local theater companies and more. Our costumes can be rented by the week or month depending on your show run and we work to fit into budgets of any size.

With an extensive inventory boasting over three hundred thousand costumes, we have been renting costumes for over 100 years and have every essential component for your production. Our team of seasoned costume stylists holds a wealth of experience in theatrical costuming, assuring you that when you rent our costumes, they will not only be exquisitely presented but also expertly tailored, meticulously cleaned, and perfectly pressed.

We also sell a wide range of Ben Nye and Mehron makeup, facial hair, wigs, props and accessories available for purchase. 

Questions- email us at
Visit us at to request show plots, pricing and to place an order