Critical Reaction

Critical Reaction

"A joyous, wholesome, literate, and wonderfully realized production guaranteed to dazzle and enchant children and adults alike. Ken Ludwig has provided a theatrically lucid and intelligent adaptation of Twain's masterpiece, a book many consider the Great American Novel, without sacrificing credibility to dramatic structure or moral honesty to histrionic preachiness. Don Schlitz has provided music and lyrics so firmly grounded in the American rural experience as to seem songs you learned in childhood, and are here hearing again after being forgotten for too many years."
– Talkin' Broadway

"Mr. Ludwig's book does a nifty job of condensing the novel, maintaining its episodic character but cleverly joining elements from different scenes to keep the narrative bobbing along. ...Mr. Schlitz, a Grammy-winning composer of country songs (including "The Gambler"), has written a handful of winning tunes."
– The New York Times

"The Adventures of Tom Sawyer [is] fast-moving and bright.... [It] overflows with innocence and affection. ...Such a well-packaged work, and such good fun."
– The Washington Post

"There are a few strong songs admirably performed by the talented adults.... The book by Ken Ludwig hits the iconic moments of Twain's famous novel.... There are worthy elements here."
– TheaterMania

"Tom Sawyer had charm, melody, and a genuine professional polish. ...The score by country songwriter Don Schlitz was a tuneful and polished professional effort. ...Schlitz's first-ever Broadway effort blended easily with Ken Ludwig's often amusing book, which played some interesting variations on the original story."