Critical Reaction

Critical Reaction

"Outrageously audacious from beginning to end. ...It's an experience you will never forget."
– Talkin' Broadway

"Peppy and pointed, Mark Houston's songs ridicule a society in danger of being entertained to death."
– The Chicago Reader

"Keeps the laughs coming from beginning to end! ...4 out of 5 stars."
– The Scottsman Review, Edinburgh Fringe Festival

"Fantastic. Both funny and thought-provoking."
– BBC News, Edinburgh Festival Views

"It is hilariously funny. It examines a whole range of American girls' and women's concerns, from Barbie, through proms and high school reunions, to daytime soaps, in a nonstop roller coaster of short, very sharp sketches and musical numbers."
– The British Theatre Guide

"Six Women with Brain Death is like a precious photograph that you accidentally dropped, the glass shattered. You don t know how your hand slipped, or if you can put it back together; all that remains is the crushed memory of a troubled life. See 6 Women. Just when you think you can t laugh any harder, you ll rub your eyes and realize the startling reality of it all. Here I think the title says it all."
– The Columbia Tribune