Critical Reaction

Critical Reaction

"Charming material presented charmingly and sometimes marvelously... among the abundant charms of this pocket-size 1989 revue... is its assertion that folks with a few miles on the odometer also have stuff to sing about. More stuff, in fact. ...Mr. Shire s score continually finds the jaunty rhythms in even the most melancholy subjects."
– The New York Times

"There are a number of equally compelling reasons – aside from [Maltby and Shire's] instantly memorable melodies and smartly crafted lyrics – for the enterprise's current success."
– TheaterMania

"Cripplingly unrequited yearnings. Break-ups gone hideously wrong. Urban neuroses. Squandered opportunities. The pleasures and pain of exercise. All-consuming loss. Maddening parenting, and dealing with your own parents. Acceptance of what is and working to make it something better. All are among the themes that lyricist Maltby and composer Shire address in the 26 breathlessly contemporary songs comprising the taut evening, minus any apology or subterfuge."
– Talkin' Broadway

"Polished, witty, tuneful... a pocket-size classic of the American musical theater."
– The New York Post

"An enchanting evening... a refreshing burst."
– Entertainment Weekly