We the People: Politics, History and the MTI Catalogue

We the People: Politics, History and the MTI Catalogue

Explore the MTI shows that cover American history and politics from the Founding Fathers to the turn of the millennium. Whether based on historical events or a dystopian future, these inquisitive shows challenge us, ask the tough questions, and march to the beat of their own drum.


In 1776, John Adams seeks to unify the Second Continental Congress in breaking free from British rule. With fellow founding fathers Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson, he rouses their courage to change history.

American Idiot

Based on the Green Day album about post 9/11 America, American Idiot is a rock musical with grit and spunk. Friends Johnny, Tunny, and Will live in a suburban wasteland, disillusioned about the American Dream. They pursue different paths that take them through warfare, parenthood, and addiction.


Assassins goes where few musicals dare to go. The darker, painful side of American history is told through the men and women who assassinated (or tried to) the presidents of the United States. A daring work by Stephen Sondheim, Assassins offers rich, complex roles for actors and directors looking for a unique theatrical challenge.

Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson

Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson puts the spotlight on one of America’s most controversial presidents. Andrew Jackson is tired of politics as usual and is as restless for change as his young country. He changes American politics forever, but at what cost?

The Fix

Senator Reed Chandler is running for president and seems guaranteed to win the White House… until he dies under compromising circumstances. Still desperate for victory, Violet, his wife, and Grahame, his brother and strategist, mold his son Cal, an aspiring rocker, into the perfect candidate. The Fix is a dark, timely comedy about the show business of politics.


It’s the 1960s in Baltimore, and America is changing fast. But some want to keep boundaries as they’ve always been. Tracy Turnblad, Penny, Seaweed, and others band together to use the popular Corny Collins Show as a platform to take a stand against racism and segregation. Hairspray teaches everyone that you can't stop the beat of progress!


In the smash hit Newsies, a group of resourceful newspaper delivery boys realize that there’s strength in numbers when they unite to strike for better wages. Together, they find courage and discover that no amount of power can stop their cause. 


Parade tells the true story of Leo Frank. An outsider in a small town in Georgia is, Leo is accused of a crime based on circumstantial evidence and swears he did not commit it. Facing a trial fueled by anti-Semitism, he fights against a tide of bigotry.


Ragtime explores activism, racism, and xenophobia in early 20th century America. Colehouse Walker, Sarah, Tateh, Emma Goldman, and others fight for a better future and a place of equality in America.

The Scottsboro Boys

In 1931, nine black men are falsely accused of raping two white women. A bold, convention-defying musical with music by legendary duo John Kander and Fred Ebb, The Scottsboro Boys follows the harrowing journey of these men through the American justice system.

Teddy & Alice

It’s daughter vs. father in the spirited Teddy & Alice. While governing the country, President Teddy Roosevelt also tries to govern his headstrong daughter Alice, who refuses to behave like a proper lady. When Alice pursues a romantic relationship with a Congressman, Teddy’s sense of duty is truly tested.


When a water shortage plagues a town and private restrooms dominate, “It’s a Privilege to Pee” in Urinetown. The idealistic Bobby dreams of a better future for the town and rallies the people to challenge the powers that be. A satire about corporate greed and the power of the people, Urinetown is an incisive musical with razor-sharp wit.

Bring these bold, brave and convention-defying shows to your stage this season.