Brisa’s Pieces: Small Show Feature - The Story of My Life

Brisa’s Pieces: Small Show Feature - The Story of My Life

By Brisa Trinchero on March 28, 2013
A few years back, one of the top industry musical theater festivals, The National Alliance of Musical Theater, introduced the country’s artistic directors and producers to a brand new show called, THE STORY OF MY LIFE by Neil Bartram and Brian Hill.

THE STORY OF MY LIFE features just two male performers and left the packed audience of industry insiders from theater companies around the country riveted by the beautiful story and its deeply produceable nature. However, before theater companies around the country could snap up this show for their stages, Broadway producers gave the show its debut on the Great White Way.

Now, however, the time has finally come, for THE STORY OF MY LIFE to continue it’s journey across the country! If you aren’t already familiar with this special show, I encourage you download a perusal copy and see what got the national theater community so excited when THE STORY OF MY LIFE made it’s debut.

The show follows Thomas, a successful writer who has returned to his small hometown to write a eulogy for his childhood best friend, Alvin. Through funny, poignant, heartbreaking, and tuneful songs, Thomas’s memories of Alvin are brought to life.
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Audience can easily relate to these two engaging characters and the evening ends with a message of hope and love. The perfect piece to showcase the acting and singing talents of your two best actors, THE STORY OF MY LIFE won’t break the bank when it comes to your production budgets and is the ideal vehicle for two tour de force performances.

Stay tuned next week for my conversation with authors, Brian Hill and Neil Bartram about their dream casts, favorite regional productions and experiences seeing their show in Korea!

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