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  • Tarzan - jungle pieces
  • Tarzan - human camp and props
  • Tarzan - creature attack spider web attached to trees
  • Tarzan - boat for opening and ending scenes; includes treehouse
  • Tarzan - shipwrecked side of boat
  • Tarzan - treehouse side of boat

Our Tarzan set includes three jungle pieces that look good pushed together or separated into three separate pieces. Actors can sit on the set on different levels and on the rocks. One piece has a cave and a working waterfall. The tent can be used with pieces of the jungle on each side. There are extra individual trees that can be used as fillers. The boat has multiple purposes: one side is a good side, the other side is for after the shipwreck, and the end can be used for the treehouse. Extra vines will be included to hang from batons or to be used in other capacities.