Newsies Towers and Set

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This set is the set you have been looking for! The towers were professionally engineered using AutoCad and all of the pieces are in great shape! The set gives homage to the Broadway version of Newsies and your cast and audience is sure to love the amazing dimension it will give your show! Unbelievable value.


Set dimensions:

Main Towers (3):

Tower 1 (9'-10" Wide by 14'-4" Deep)

Tower 2 (9'-10" Wide by 14'-4" Deep)

Tower 3 (9'-10" Wide by 14'-4" Deep)

- The towers have an additional rolling length of travel in the slot which would allow for the front walkway to align with the back walkway of the adjacent tower.  Add an additional 10'-10" to overall length to accommodate full forward motion.

Overall Tower Height = 15'-4"


Single Platform Towers (2):

Tower 4 (9'-10" x4'-0")

Tower 4 (9'-10" x4'-0")

These towers only have railing and no overhead structure like main towers.

Also included are The World Doors, Wiesel's Newspaper Stand, Cellar Stairs and a Printing Press.