Mary Poppins Set/Prop Pieces!

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We've taken the stress out of planning and preparing your special set pieces and magic props for Mary Poppins! Each piece has been professionally built or designed! Must be willing to pick up as we are located in Northwest Ohio and the large pieces would be too difficult to ship. Definitely worth a drive to grab these while you can! The set pieces & props include:

Jane & Michael's beds

1 Stationary Chimney (we used outside the curtain for Bert!)

3 Chimneys on castors which served as the rooftop and movable for Step In Time! We also added rototoms (not included) for a "drum" effect on one of them!

Magic Cake! Plain cake that transforms to a beautifully decorated cake once covered! Works like a charm!

Nursery dresser and hat rack! Mary's items are fed through the back and up the carpet bag. Carpet bag, hat rack, and dresser all included!

The Magic Hutch! This piece contains three shelves with items that fall on cue and then reset on cue! A real show stopper!

Hand painted plastic vase that easily breaks apart when dropped and can be put back together for each show!

Mary's parrot umbrella as purchased through MTI.

Large bird cage on castors built for Miss Andrew's exit! We got laughs every night from her departure!

Large kitchen table on a base that collapsed when fallen into by Roberton Ay. Stage hand reset it on cue!