Gen II Chitty Chitty Car

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Up for sale is our Gen II, Chitty Chitty car.  This piece was the HIT of our show. Built on an old 3 wheel, battery powered gold cart.  The cart runs and drives in both forward and reverse.  Has switches in the cockpit that control all of the external "fx" lighting, as well as lights inside the car, to light up the actors.  There are two Air tanks installed "under the hood" that make the wings expand or contract at the flip of a switch. Also there is another switch that releases large "balloon floats" at all 4 corners of the vehicle for "floating on water".  The car also has 2 motorized "scissor jacks" installed under the rear end, so as the car is driven across the stage, that switch can be flipped, and the looks like it is rising off the stage and "taking off" into the air. It also has 4 large "fake" wheels that have electric motors that slowly spin them, so it looks like the large wheels are actually doing the driving.    It's just sitting here in our shop collecting dust, and could use a new home.  Looking for best offer on it.    please email me at:     if you are interested in purchasing. 

I've seen A LOT of Chitty cars in my design tenure, but none quite as nice, or as fully automated as what ours is.