Chitty Chitty Bang Bang prop car

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  • Chitty Car

Our professionally built Chitty Chitty Bang Bang car is 3/4 scale which is approximately 4feet by 12 feet and is packed with features:

  • Tri-swivel casters and four tie points make it easy to maneuver the car on stage.
  • Boat mode uses compressed air and is controlled by a dash board knob that causes the wheels to fold down flat. To enhance this effect, the rear passengers have the ability to toss over life preservers that are stored in and tethered to the car.
  • Flight mode is controlled by the driver or front seat passenger via a lever.
  • Lights are controlled by a switch on the dash board and by a hands free foot switch to simulate autonomous communication by the car.
  • Features the classic GENII license plate.
  • Lots of period decorative details to enhance the cars appearance on stage.

The car is powered by air and contains a small air tank to allow it to run for each show. It needs to be filled from time to time and can be done with a standard compressor. (Compressors available for rent upon request.)

We have a full line of props and costumes available for rent, including the amazing Breakfast Machine.

For quotes and further vehicle rental information for your production, please contact our Corporate Sales Specialists at (816) 523-1655.

* Delivery or shipping available upon request for an additional price.