If a show is restricted (ie. Waitress) can you still get license to use one or two songs in a musical revue?

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April 23, 2020

You dont need a lisnce for a song as long as you follow these guidlines 


·         No ‘dramatic’ performances of any songs from MTI shows are permitted.  The songs can be performed only in cabaret style.  While it is sometimes difficult to draw a distinction between dramatic and non-dramatic performances, a dramatic performance usually involves using a song to tell a story or as part of a story or plot.

·         No dialogue may be used.

·         No sets, costumes or choreography that evoke the original show may be used.

·         MTI materials, which are licensed only for grand rights uses, cannot be used.  You must legally obtain the rights to any sheet music or other music materials used from an authorized source.

·         As a rule of thumb, no more than three songs should be used from any one title or any one composer.

·         The revue must be the work of multiple composers.

·         Composer name(s) should not be used as part of the title of the program.

·         The venue must obtain a blanket license to use the songs from ASCAP/BMI/SESAC.  For more information about blanket licenses, see the respective websites of ASCAP (www.ascap.com), BMI (www.bmi.com) or SESAC (www.sesac.com).