Can 1776 be mixed casting?

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April 28, 2016
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I teach at a University with many more women than men, and a quite mixed racial background. I love 1776, but the number of Middle Aged men needed is about impossible for us. Is there anything in the agreement that prevents us from casting women in the male roles, or people of color in the roles? If there isn't, this is probably a strong contender for us next season.
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April 29, 2016

It is fine to cast a female in a male role (and vice versa) as long as you do not change the gender of the character. The characters must be portrayed true to the author's intent and as the gender that they are in the script. There is no stipulation about what ethnicity must be cast in the roles for this show. So, you would be able to cast the best actor for the part as long as they portray the character true to what the authors wrote and intended.