Full Synopsis

Full Synopsis

KIDS are getting ready to put on a show as Edwina Spoonapple issues instructions ("Paw Paw, Michigan"). Annie, Kelli, Becky, Lars, Cordell, and Billy enter, each trying to help Edwina sell the show. Tensions are high since the talent scout from the Kalamazoo Advice-A-Palooza Festival will be
in the audience, and Edwina wants everything to be perfect. There’s been a cancellation in the festival lineup and the rumor is that the spot will be filled by local talent. Edwina tells everyone to break a leg, and unfortunately Lars twists his ankle and is unable to perform.

Just then, Edwina’s new next-door neighbor, Bobby, comes bearing brownies from
his mom. Bobby has heard of all Edwina’s siblings, but not Edwina, who introduces herself as “advice-giver extraordinaire” and immediately casts Bobby in the show. Though Bobby doesn’t want to be in the show, when Edwina expressed how important it is to her, Bobby agrees ("Up On The Fridge").

Bobby steps into the role of emcee and the kids introduce Edwina ("Dear Edwina"). Edwina chooses a letter to kick off her advice-giving, and the letter is from Aphrodite ("Aphrodite"), whose younger brother is a very picky eater. Edwina brings in Susie and the Napkins to help ("Just Say No Thank You"). They sing about Johnny’s dinner with the Queen of Boolah Boolah, and how he politely says “no thank you” to the foods he doesn’t like.

As Becky performs a cheer after the number, the other kids try to spot the talent scout in the audience – and discover that she’s sleeping. Kelli and Scott are the next kids to bring Edwina a letter, but Scott tries to switch his red envelope for Kelli’s blue one. Though he explains to Edwina the red letter is very important, Edwina insists on choosing the letter for which they’ve rehearsed.

The letter is from Periwinkle, who is very shy and worried about making friends when her family moves to Sweden. Edwina and the kids sing about HARRY in Honolulu, who wants his cousin LOLA from Lima to come to his birthday party. Though Lola and Harry do not speak the same language, they break the ice with a simple, “Hola!”

Edwina tries to wrap up the show, but Scott isn’t finished. Billy hands Edwina a letter from “Anonymous” while Scott sings of his true feelings for Edwina ("Edwina"). Everyone is excited when the Talent Scout calls, but it turns out she only wants to book Scott to sing the National Anthem. Scott wants Edwina to come with him, but she declines. Edwina is frustrated and feeling like she doesn’t measure up to her other siblings when Katie Spoonapple enters, crying. Katie was competing in the Summer Math Olympics and turned her answers in first – but one of the other girls whispered about how she doesn’t like Katie, and everybody heard. Edwina encourages her to just be herself ("Sing Your Own Song"). By the end of the song, Katie is ready to go back to the competition.

Edwina and the other kids sing about being themselves and doing what they love ("Sing Your Own Song Part 2/Up On The Fridge – Reprise").