Full Synopsis

Full Synopsis

Panicked reporters fret over the terrible forecast for Christmas. At the North Pole, Sam the snowman introduces Christmastown to the audience. Sam recalls a time where Santa and Mrs. Claus were worried about Christmas Eve ("A Holly Jolly Christmas"). Sam shares the story of everyone's favorite reindeer: Rudolph ("Rudolph Intro"). Donner and Mrs. Donner quickly discover their son has an unusual, glowing red nose. When Santa meets Young Rudolph, he warns the Donners that their son may not make his sleigh team due to his nose ("Jingle, Jingle, Jingle"). Donner decides to hide his son's strange feature.

Inside Santa's castle, the Elves are hard at work making toys ("When Santa Claus Gets Your Letter"), but poor Hermey would rather be a dentist ("We're A Couple Of Misfits (Intro)"). Meanwhile, Donner forces Young Rudolph to wear a false nose ("We're A Couple Of Misfits (Continued)").

When Rudolph is old enough to participate in the Reindeer Games, he soars into the air with encouragement from a doe named Clarice. Rudolph impresses the other reindeer and Santa, but his false nose is knocked off when he tussles with Fireball. The Reindeer make fun of him, but Clarice insists that better days are ahead ("There's Always Tomorrow").

Meanwhile, Hermey is noticeably absent from the song the Elves are performing for Santa ("We Are Santa's Elves"). When Boss Elf finds Hermey, he cruelly tells the unenthusiastic elf that he'll never fit in. Hurt, Hermey decides to leave Christmastown. Along the way, Hermey meets Rudolph ("We're A Couple Of Misfits"). As the two new friends begin their journey, Bumble The Abominable Snow Monster roars in the distance, forcing them to hide. They meet Yukon Cornelius, who explains that he is seeking silver and gold. When the monster returns, the trio floats away on an iceberg ("Fame And Fortune").

Back in Christmastown, a worried Donner, Mrs. Donner, and Clarice set off to find Rudolph, while Sam muses over Yukon's obsession ("Silver And Gold"). Rudolph, Hermey, and Yukon land on the Island of Misfit Toys ("The Most Wonderful Day Of The Year (The Island Of The Misfit Toys)"). King Moonracer allows them to stay and asks them to tell Santa about the island. Hermey and Yukon discuss leaving in the morning, but Rudolph worries his nose will draw the Bumble's attention. He slips off alone in the night ("There's Always Tomorrow (Reprise)").

Rudolph returns home to find that his parents and Clarice are missing. When Rudolph finds his loved ones, they are trapped by the Bumble. After knocking it out, Hermey removes the monster's teeth. As the group exits the cave, Yukon and Bumble the Abominable Snow Monster accidentally tumble over a cliff. They mourn their loss, and the group returns to Christmastown, where the Elves are singing ("Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree"). Santa promises to find homes for the Misfit Toys, and Donner apologizes to his son. Suddenly, Yukon and a tame Bumble burst in, bringing extra cheer as the Elves perform their last-minute duties ("We Are Santa's Elves (Reprise)").

The weather reports are grim on Christmas Eve, but Santa has a brilliant idea: why not let Rudolph and his nose lead the team? Rudolph gladly agrees, and Santa's first stop is the Island of Misfit Toys ("A Merry, Merry Christmas To You"). They fly into the night, with Rudolph's nose leading the way ("Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer").