Full Synopsis

Full Synopsis

An Announcer introduces the Naked Mole Rats of the Tunnel, rocking out onstage to their morning song ("Naked Rules!"). After the song, Venti asks Grande and Tall if they've seen their friend Wilbur. Buck Naked, mole rat anchor reporter of the Constantly Naked Network, reports that Wilbur has missed the morning song.

Elsewhere, Wilbur wonders to himself if anything in his life or the Tunnel will ever change and what it would be like to put on clothing, something no one in the Tunnel does. Suddenly, a hat falls from above. Curious, Wilbur puts the hat on ("Time To Get Dressed"). As he wrestles with his curiosity and his fear of what the other mole rats will think, more clothing rains down. Wilbur gives in and tries them all on. When he shows his outfit to Tall, Grande, and Venti, they are horrified and tell Wilbur he shouldn't try to stand out from them ("Scandal!"). Wilbur tries to reason with them, but they're having none of it. Grande sarcastically suggests that Wilbur open up a clothing store.

Wilbur takes the advice to heart and sets up shop ("Hats & More"). When a customer comes in and dashes out in a state of shock, word gets around the Tunnel. Reporters Buck Naked and Weather Mole report on the new store and express concern.

Grande, Tall, and Venti show up to confront Wilbur and take him to the portrait of Grand-Pah, their patriarch, hoping he will inspire Wilbur to see the error in his ways. When Wilbur still won't come around, Grande requests the presence of Grand-Pah himself. Grand-Pah's Secret Service Agent rocks out in anticipation of his entrance ("Grand-Power-Jam"). When the majestic Grand-Pah enters, Wilbur's friends show him Wilbur's clothed state. Grand-Pah is bewildered and ultimately decides that the whole Tunnel must be gathered for an important proclamation.

As everyone panics about this proclamation ("Proclamation"), socks and jackets begin to rain down in the tunnel. Alone, Wilbur reflects on his choices and whether or not he should get dressed ("Should I Get Dressed?").

Wilbur arrives for the proclamation, appearing to no longer wear clothes. However, he quickly reveals to Tall, Grande, and Venti that he is wearing socks — and he will never change to conform to everyone else. Grand-Pah enters, wearing a suit. Grand-Pah declares that there's no harm in wearing clothes, and the other mole rats begin to see his reasoning ("Why Not?"). They all rejoice and put together a fashion show ("Mole Rat Fashion Show"). With a whole new outlook, the mole rats present the "New Naked Rules".