Full Synopsis

Full Synopsis

Act One

("Overture"). In the attic of her suburban home, Sue is surrounded by mementos from a life with her husband, Dan. Sue picks up an empty suitcase and takes a handwritten note out of her pocket. She reads the note aloud, which states that she is leaving Dan ("Opening – Snapshots"). 

Suddenly, Dan yells up to the attic, and Sue frantically tries to hide the suitcase. As she scrambles, Sue knocks a box of photos all over the floor as she hears Dan coming up the stairs. Sue and Dan begin looking through the photos and reminiscing about their lives together. One of the first photos that they find is from their son, Matt’s, first birthday. This first memory begins a long string of stories from their past.

As Sue and Dan continue to look at the photographs, Susie and Danny, the pair’s younger selves at eleven years old, appear. Susie and Danny are frozen in poses that clearly reflect the pictures that Dan and Sue are viewing ("New Kid in the Neighborhood / No Time at All / Popular"). As they continue to share stories of how they met and became friends, younger versions of Dan and Sue appear in vignettes that show them growing up together.

In one of the short sketches, Dan is surprised to learn that Sue’s crush on him started back in grade school ("Lion Tamer / I'm Not That Girl"). As the two come back to reality in the attic, Dan notices that Sue has pulled out her suitcase. He inquires about it, but Sue tries to draw Dan’s attention to more pictures ("Snapshots Reprise #1). 

Another vignette shows their young adult selves, Danny and Susie, in high school ("Making Good / Extraordinary / Corner of the Sky"). They are exchanging yearbooks and realize that they are going to the same college. Excited about continuing their lives together, Danny signs Susie’s yearbook with a message that reveals his feelings... but he quickly crosses it out and writes something very generic ("With You #1"). Watching this moment unravel, Sue sees the original message for the first time and immediately stops the memory. She asks Dan why he didn’t tell her how he felt, but he dismisses the thought, just like he did the original message ("Two's Company / All for the Best").

Sue and her younger self, Susie, are frustrated and displeased with Dan’s inability to express his feelings ("Morning Glow / With You – Yearbook"). Although it is clear that they were ecstatic to go to college together and that they care deeply about each other, Dan and Sue begin to point out each others’ shortcomings and argue about the past as more memories unfold ("If We Never Meet Again / Endless Delights"). As they return to the present after several vignettes, Sue grabs her suitcase, turns to Dan and gives him the letter that she wrote for him ("Meadowlark").

Act Two

Dan tries to stop Sue from leaving but he can’t find the courage to say what he is feeling ("How Does She Know"). The two begin to argue when Sue claims that Dan never made a first move in the relationship. Dan recalls the moment when he suggested that they move in together ("Moving in with Susan"). We once again see Dan and Sue’s memories materialize as more events from their lives are discussed ("Chanson").

The two move in together, and several memories are portrayed, ranging from their wedding to the high school graduation of their son, Matt ("Spark of Creation / All Good Gifts"). Dan and Sue remember that their marriage began to fall apart after Matt left ("Code of Silence").

Sue grabs her suitcase and begins to leave ("If We Never Meet Again – Reprise"). As Dan watches her go, the younger versions of them both appear and attempt to help the situation ("Cacophony").

Susie tries to keep Sue from leaving, and Danny encourages Dan to stop her. Ultimately, Dan rushes to Sue, grabs her suitcase and finally says the words that he struggled to say for so many years ("In Whatever Time We Have / So Far").