Full Synopsis

Full Synopsis

Junie B. Jones The Musical JR. opens with Junie B. introducing herself, Daddy, Mother, Tickle, and Baby Ollie, and excitedly discussing all the potential uses for her new journal ("Top Secret Personal Beeswax"). The first day of first grade begins, and Junie B. walks into the classroom full of School Kids to find her former best friend, Lucille, has abandoned her for two new best friends; Camille and Chenille ("Lucille, Camille, Chenille"). Junie B. is disappointed again after school when another best friend, Grace, chooses to sit next to Bobbi Jean Piper on the bus instead. However, Junie B.'s new friend, Herb, cheers her up by sitting next to her and making plans to get together later in the week ("You Can Be My Friend").

The next day at school, Mr. Scary writes words on the board and asks the class, including Lennie and José, to choose one of them and draw a picture of it, but Junie B. struggles ("Time To Make A Drawing"). After seeing her drawing and asking about what she sees on the board, Mr. Scary and the class decide that Junie B. needs glasses ("You Need Glasses"). Junie B. arrives at school the next day wearing her new glasses, but she hesitates to share them with the class, especially May ("Show And Tell"). To her surprise, the class loves her glasses, even calling her "cool."

The following morning, Junie B. is delighted when her parents surprise her with a new lunch box ("Lunch Box"), but at school, she finds most students in line to buy lunch. When she asks Herb to share his cafeteria cookie with her, Junie B. realizes he isn't familiar with much-loved lunch lady Mrs. Gutzman, so she, Shirley, and the other School Kids enthusiastically tell him about her ("Gladys Gutzman"). Junie B. asks Mrs. Gutzman how she might get access to more cookies, and Mrs. Gutzman recruits Junie B. as her helper. Unfortunately, Junie B. is a less than successful helper, and most of her class ends up mad at her, but Mrs. Gutzman smoothes things over by bringing sugar cookies to the classroom and telling the students that Junie B. gave her the idea ("Beeswax Cookie – Reprise").

While at her house preparing for a kickball tournament on Friday ("Kickball Tournament"), Junie B. accidentally injures her toe, forcing her to wear a special shoe and preventing her from taking part in the tournament ("You Can't Fix It"). Though Junie B. is sulking over this situation, her classmate Sheldon is dreaming of the incredible halftime show he could create ("Sheldon Potts' Halftime Show"). Back at home, Junie B. pouts over the tournament, but her parents encourage her to see the brighter side of the situation ("When Life Gives You Lemons"). Junie B. decides to learn to juggle and perform in the halftime show.

The day of the tournament arrives, and the students are abuzz with excitement ("Kickball Tournament – Reprise"). Junie B. and Sheldon nervously wait to perform, but when the time comes, Sheldon gets so nervous he abandons Junie B., leaving her alone in front of a restless crowd. When the students begin throwing biscuits at her, she surprises them all by juggling on the spot. Everyone is impressed ("Superstar"). Junie B. comes to the last page of her journal and reflects on everything that has happened since she began writing ("Writing Down The Story Of My Life").