Full Synopsis

Full Synopsis

Bert, a man of many trades, introduces the audience to the unhappy Banks family: father George, mother Winifred, and children Jane and Michael (Prologue). The family, the housekeeper Mrs. Brill, and the houseboy Robertson Ay, are shocked when Katie Nanna quits and storms out in frustration. George muses about what he expects from the household — the nanny, in particular ("Cherry Tree Lane – Part 1"). Though Jane and Michael insist upon their own requirements for their caregiver ("The Perfect Nanny"), George dismisses their requests ("Cherry Tree Lane – Part 2").

As if summoned, Mary Poppins appears, offering her services as a nanny. She fits the children's requirements exactly ("Practically Perfect / Practically Perfect – Playoff"). She then takes the children to the park, where they meet Bert, who describes how wonderful everyday life can be when spending time with Mary ("Jolly Holiday"). At first, the children are not convinced, but when Mary Poppins brings to life a park statue named Neleus, Jane and Michael are in awe of her. The children return home and gush to their father about the nanny, but George is preoccupied ("Winds Do Change").

A few weeks later, the household is preparing for Winifred's party, and Jane and Michael make a mess of the house. Despite Mary's magic ("A Spoonful of Sugar"), the party is ruined when no one attends ("Spoonful – Playoff"). Later, Mary takes the children on a visit to George's workplace, the bank ("Precision and Order – Part 1"). While Clerks are bustling about and clients are trying to convince George to grant them loans, the children burst into the bank ("Precision and Order – Part 2"). After a thought-provoking conversation with his children, George turns down Von Hussler's loan but agrees to give a loan to the kindly John Northbrook ("A Man Has Dreams").

As Mary and the children pass the cathedral, an old Bird Woman offers
to sell them seed to feed the birds. The children are at first disgusted by the woman, but Mary Poppins tells them to look beyond appearances ("Feed
the Birds"). Afterward, Mary whisks Jane and Michael off to Mrs. Corry's Talking Shop, where the children are given a delightful vocabulary lesson ("Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious"). Later, Mary Poppins and the children return home to find George in a foul mood. He reveals to Winifred that after turning down Von Hussler, the client went to a rival bank that is now due to see great profit from the deal. The bank has suspended George without pay. ("Twists and Turns"). Upset about their father's behavior, the children argue with Mary Poppins. Convinced they must learn their next lesson on their own, she puts them to bed and leaves behind a note before flying away over the rooftop ("Playing the Game / Chim Chim Cher-ee").

Six weeks pass, and the household struggles without Mary Poppins. However, Winifred encourages everyone to tidy up the house for the arrival of a surprise guest ("Cherry Tree Lane – Reprise"). The guest turns out to be George's former nanny, Miss Andrew, who immediately reveals herself to be a stern and cruel woman ("Brimstone and Treacle – Part 1"). Unhappy with their new nanny, the children run away and happen upon Bert in the park, who consoles them and produces a red kite, offering it to Michael. The kite ascends out of view, and when it's reeled in, it brings Mary Poppins back with it ("Let's Go Fly a Kite").

Mary accompanies the children home and demands that Miss Andrew leave. Miss Andrew resists, but after receiving a spoonful of her own medicine from Mary Poppins, the woman flees, apparently sick ("Brimstone and Treacle – Part 2"). The family is relieved to have Mary Poppins back ("Practically Perfect – Reprise"). However, the children are still burdened by their father's grim situation. They follow Mary Poppins to the roof, where Bert and his fellow Chimney Sweeps cheer them up with a lively tune ("Step in Time / Step in Time – Playoff"). Afterward, a Messenger brings news that the bank Chairman wants to speak to George that evening. Bert wishes George good luck ("A Spoonful of Sugar – Reprise"). After George leaves to speak to the Chairman, Mary Poppins instills confidence in the rest of the family ("Anything Can Happen – Part 1").

At his meeting with the Chairman, George is informed that Von Hussler's scheme has ruined the rival bank, while Northbrook has become very successful and is set to make George's bank a fortune. George is ecstatic ("Give Us the Word"). With newly found confidence, Winifred bursts in ready to stand up for George. Upon learning the news, she helps negotiate a much higher salary for her husband. The family is thrilled by their change of fortune ("Anything Can Happen – Part 2").

Back at the Banks home, Bert realizes that Mary Poppins will be leaving soon — the family no longer needs her help. He bids her farewell ("Goodbye Then, Mary"). Leaving behind only a locket, Mary Poppins disappears into the sky. However, she leaves the Banks family much happier than she found them, and they vow never to forget her ("Anything Can Happen – Finale").