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Cast Size: Flexible Cast Size
Cast Type: Children
Dance Requirements: Standard

Character Breakdown

Sonny Malone
Sonny Malone is the young male lead from the beaches of California. He is wide-eyed, full of dreams and can be a bit sensitive; after all, he is an artist! While Sonny may not be the brightest, he is very sincere and earnest. Be sure to cast your best male singer and actor with a great sense of comedic timing.
Gender: male
Kira is the Greek heroine and loveable, young ingénue. She begins the play as Clio, the youngest and the most idealistic of the Muses. With the addition of leg warmers and an Australian accent, she quickly becomes Kira to help Sonny realize his dreams. She is ambitious, smart and like Sonny, pure of heart. Make sure to cast a strong, experienced performer who can act, move well and has a good comedic timing.
Gender: female
Danny Maguire
Danny Maguire is a real estate magnate and owner of the Xanadu theater. This is a wonderful part for a male actor who is adept at playing character roles. He should be a malleable actor who can evolve from being guarded about protecting the theater to becoming partners with Sonny and then betraying him. Danny should be an experienced singer.
Gender: male
The Andrews Sisters

The Andrews Sisters (Maxene, Patty and Laverne) are an exact duplicate of the Andrews Sisters that were famous in the 1940s. Cast three actresses who are proficient musicians and who complement one another well. They should sound and feel like one tight unit.

Gender: female
Vocal range top: Eb5
Vocal range bottom: B3
The Tubes
The Tubes is an iconic, hard-rockin' new-wave band of the 80s. Cast young performers who are fearless and can really rock out. While the real Tubes were all guys, feel free to cast girls too. The important thing is that they all have great energy and can sing with a lot of character. This is also a perfect place for your most advanced dancers.
Gender: any
Melpomene, Muse of Tragedy, is the eldest of the Muses and is most responsible for plotting against Kira. Choose an actress who works well with Calliope, Muse of Epics, so that you have a fun, dynamic pairing. Also, make sure to find an actress who can both sing and act well.
Gender: female
Calliope, Muse of Epics, is Melpomene's "Wing-Muse." She is equally devious and listens closely to her sister's direction. Calliope is a great role for an actress who can both sing and act well, and should be a perfect complement to Melpomene. For comedic effect, cast two actresses who look vastly different rather than identical. For example, it may be funnier to have a very tall Melpomene paired with a short Calliope or a Melpomene with dark hair with a Calliope with blonde hair.
Gender: female
Other Muses

Erato, Euterpe, Polyhymnia, Terpischore, Thalia and Urania. Each Muse should embody their specific role (i.e. Thalia, Muse of Comedy should have a comedic knack). Although the roles are specified as sisters, it is completely fine to cast guys; the most important thing is that they work well as a synchronous group. These featured roles are perfect for experienced performers with strong voices and lots of creativity.

Be sure to cast a performer with a big presence; he is after all, the King of the Gods. This is a great part for an actor who has a large, booming voice.
Gender: male
Hera is Zeus' wife and is known for her comparable status to her husband. Cast a young lady who can embody Hera's grand stature and power. Zeus and Hera should complement one another as the most powerful duo in Greek mythology.
Gender: female
Hermes is a hilarious cameo role for a performer with excellent comedic skills. In just a couple of lines, Hermes can deliver a memorable performance. Cast a young actor with lots of energy.
Gender: male
Thetis is the Goddess of the Sea who tells the pivotal story of Achilles and his vulnerable heel, which in turn, changes Kira's perspective about really loving Sonny. Cast a good actress with excellent diction who is able to tell the story clearly.
Gender: female
Aphrodite is a good role for a young performer new to the stage. She is the Goddess of Love, so cast a young lady with a sweet and demure nature.
Gender: female
Melpomene's nine alluring daughters, are great cameo roles for actresses who are talented but may not have much experience on the stage before. Molpe, Peisonoe, Thelxiepeia have solo lines.
Gender: female
Eros, Cyclops, Centaur, and Medusa. And of course, there is the Greek Chorus, which is the foundation for the world of the play. Each actor has a great responsibility to make the show as diverse and specific as possible. Remember, there are no small parts!
Gender: any